Despite the passage of time since the pandemic, fleet operations still face challenges when acquiring new vehicles. The likelihood of delays means that fleet managers must prepare to hold on to end-of-lease vehicles longer than usual. These vehicles must be kept in great condition, as well as being prepared, reconditioned and maintained more often.

Fleet managers must be more innovative in how they use their vehicles and the locations where they do so. Many fleets are working to become more strategic in their vehicle planning and repositioning vehicles to markets that have higher demand.

It is therefore vital that companies like these have easy access to efficient and fast transport, along with a way of storing, preparing, and using feet vehicles in a temporary manner.

In this period of low inventory of vehicles, having access to efficient transportation services essential. You also need a way to temporarily store fleet cars, prepare, recondition and deploy them.

PARS is a one-stop-shop for transport, vehicle storage, vehicle reconditioning and registration services.

Strategically-Located Storage

Whether there is a need for short- or long-term storage, PARS has fully-insured and secure facilities, ensuring convenient, uninterrupted customer operations. Fleet managers are able to hold vehicles and move them according to business requirements.

PARS offers a variety of services for storing vehicles in storage, including:

  • Reconditioning Work
  • Detailing
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotation
  • Windshield Repair
  • Bodywork
  • Fueling and Charging
  • Titling and Registration
  • Mechanical Repairs

Full-service is available to handle prep work while vehicles are being stored, and before they reach their destination. This simplifies the vehicle transport process, adding efficiency.

Registration and Titling

PARS offers on-the go registration and titling services, which can support large volumes of vehicle titles in the 50 U.S. States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. PARS has expert processors who can handle title work and initial registrations while fleet vehicles are in transit, being temporarily stored, or getting serviced. This will streamline operations and reduce downtime, as well as ensure vehicles are ready for driving before they are transported.

PARS has direct DMV connection for those states where it is available. This electronic integration allows PARS to offer in-house DMV services in these states. Our team makes direct and regular runs to DMV offices across the nation, making sure that any work which must be completed in person is done quickly.

PARS will use its expert team to leverage their strong relationships with DMVs in order to expedite services for our clients. If even faster service is needed, PARS can overnight documents or requests to DMVs, allowing for quicker processing. PARS can help businesses keep operations running smoothly without causing unnecessary delays or downtime.

Fleet-Focused Logistics using PARS

PARS field offices and the full-service approach allow customers to reposition their fleets in more profitable markets. They can store and deploy vehicles as needed. We can also provide in-storage and enroute service to maintain assets at their best, thus extending the lifecycle of those vehicles.

PARS can provide the best possible results by managing the vehicle’s entire journey. We have multiple locations in North America, and we offer both in-storage service and on-route services.

For more information and a no-obligation quote for your next transport project, visit us at or call Teri Ross at (800) 728-2211.