‘Count the Ways’
PARS Drives Customer Success

PARS drives customer success in countless ways by bringing together a combination of proven experience, service quality and technologies to complete efficiently and effectively any relocation project.

PARS work with each customer to develop a metrics-driven solution that combines vehicle driveaway, auto carrier service, storage management, license and titling, reconditioning & make-ready, detailing, body work, mechanical repair, and general maintenance services, all in support of ensuring the highest possible asset values.

Our experts know how to solve the most complicated, time-sensitive relocation needs. They are also adept at handling the myriad logistical tasks associated with picking up and delivering fleet vehicles.

The following videos provide some of the ways PARS transport experts help drive our customers’ success. We will be adding more stories throughout the year. So, check back often.

At the end of each video is a link to start a conversation about your organization’s own vehicle relocation needs. We are ready to help you succeed!

Supply Chain Weak Links… with Jill Bechtel

Urgent Vehicle Requirements… with Wendy Chichester

Unresponsive Driver… with Danielle Lewis

Snow-bound Delivery… with Jonathan Meier

Photos Prevent Delay.. with Rachel Bilyard

Persistence Pays Off… with Tayeka Brown